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Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson | Suzy reading The Girl from Jupiter

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Happy Birthday, Carrie Fisher! 

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In order to rise
From its own ashes
A phoenix
Octavia E. ButlerParable of the Talents (via feellng)
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She was desperate and she was choosey at the same time and, in a way, beautiful, but she didn’t have quite enough going for her to become what she imagined herself to be.
Charles Bukowski, Factotum (via teenager90s)
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It’s messing people up, this social pressure to “find your passion” and “know what it is you want to do”. It’s perfectly fine to just live your moments fully, and marvel as many small and large passions, many small and large purposes enter and leave your life. For many people there is no realization, no bliss to follow, no discovery of your life’s purpose. This isn’t sad, it’s just the way things are. Stop trying to find the forest and just enjoy the trees.
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Anaïs, I don’t know how to tell you what I feel. I live in perpetual expectancy. You come and the time slips away in a dream. It is only when you go that I realize completely your presence. And then it is too late. You numb me.
Henry Miller to Anaïs Nin (via feellng)
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Made an appropriate wallpaper for my iPhone.

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Thank you Jane Birkin, for providing me with infinite outfit ideas and the confidence to dress like a boy but act like a girl.
Alexa Chung, ‘It’ (via chanelbagsandcigarettedrags)
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and then there are some who
believe that old
relationships can be
revived and made new

but please
if you feel that way

don’t phone
don’t write
don’t arrive.

Charles Bukowski (via feellng)
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